GSM 3G, 4G Tri Band Mobile Phone Signal Booster

GSM 3G, 4G Tri Band Mobile Phone Signal Booster


GSM 3G, 4G Tri Band Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Product No: 350

Booster Specification:

  • 1).Frequency Range Uplink: 890~915/1710~1785/1920~1980MHz

  • 2).Frequency Range Downlink:935~960/ 1805~1880/2110~2170MHz

  • 3).Gain: 65dB

  • 4).Output Power: 20dBm

  • 5).Power Adapter: EU/US/AU/UK Plug

  • 6).Power supply: AC:110~220V; DC:12V 2A

  • 7).Connector Type: N Female

  • 8).Coverage: Up to 500 sqm without barrier

  • 9).Improve Network Type: 2G Voice and 3G 4G Internet Data

What's in the package:

  • 1). 1* 900/1800/2100 Tri Band Booster

  • 2). 1* Power Supply

  • 3). 1* English User Manual

  • 4). 1* Outdoor LPDA Antenna

  • 5). 1* Indoor Panel Antenna

  • 6). 1* 13 Meters Cable  

GSM900&1800&3G Tri band Signal Repeater /Cellphone Signal Booster

 Reasons to Purchase Our Signal Repeaters

Signal Repeater are very effective equipment that can offset the covering shortage of the base station of the mobile network, expand the cover range of the base station and fill the signal blind zone to ensure the convenient and pleasant communication. The only requirement signal repeater need for all this is at least middle range signal outside this area.

If you are in such a situation and thinking about your own repeater, please bare in mind that all our products have a huge list of advantages:

1) In our case more bars more calls. Signal booster provides the well-organized service that’s why after installation of the system the quality of the connection will be really great.

2) Signal Repeater require no additional wires being attached to your cell phone thus allowing you to use your cell phone without any extra troublesome accessories, in other worlds, no physical connection to your cell phone.

3) They are practical, beautiful, easy to install and with competitive price. You will not need to hire anybody to provide the installation of the equipment. You’ll be able to install it by yourself using only the manual list attached to your signal repeater.

4)  Signal booster works at full duplex. It means that they are not only receiving the signal from the base mobile station but they also send the signal to the base mobile station.

5)  Our equipment is completely safe. Signal booster don’t produce any radiation

6)  Signal boosters are able to cover different coverage: from small to large. In this case you can decide which of signal repeater is suitable for your office or supermarket.

 Introduction of tri-band cell phone signal booster 

A mobile phone signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals.  The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor antenna and no interference.  It could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, 
protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of cellphones.  
A mobile phone repeater is ideal for house, home, office use.

The device featured by easy installation & operation and no interference. It is the ideal device for boost mobile phone signal.  A mobile phone repeater could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of cellphones.


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